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Founded in 1994, the Johns Hopkins Mental Notes is JHU's *only* comedy a cappella group. Performing with a fun blend of skits/audio-visuals and songs, the Mental Notes have a goal of just enjoying and having fun while performing (and practicing)!
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It's decided - 20th ANNIVERSARY CONCERT! February 8, 2013

APRIL 12TH, 2014! Write that down... NOW! The Mental Notes are proud to announce that our Spring 2014 Concert, a.k.a. our 20th Anniversary Concert, will be held in Shriver at 8:00pm on April 12th. This concert very well may be the greatest ever! With our guest group, the Mental Notes (alumni), we can guarantee more painfully sexy than ever before! And the theme? Well that's for me to know and you to find out. Stay tuned for updates and maybe even spoilers.

It's that time of year again... Fall Concert! November 9, 2013

STATE U! If you haven't already heard, the Mental Notes are proud to announce that we will be having out fall concert on Saturday, November 16th, in Bloomberg. We are so excited to share all of our raw, hot talent with you in the form of songs and more. Keep an eye on our youtube page for a teaser for the concert in the next day or two. We encourage anyone and everyone to come and to click attending on our facebook event. See you on Saturday! Fall Concert Facebook Event

WELCOME NEWBIES! September 12, 2013

The Mental Notes are proud to welcome Kylie Fuller, Jameson Evans, Hannah Melton, Pauline Cronin, Arjun Tambe, and Tucker Brownell to our family (definitely NOT cult). Stay tuned for more from the new and improved, but still painfully sexy, Johns Hopkins Mental Notes!

First post! September 3, 2013

Hello all! Mental Notes here. We just had an awesome time at O-Show and are super excited for all of you who signed up to audition.

IF YOU DID NOT SIGN UP EMAIL US AT MENTALNOTES@GMAIL.COM. IF YOU DID SIGN UP, expect a sexy, sexy email from us before your audition.

We hope you like our revamped website. Check back for mental updates throughout the year. We'll be posting news, and pics, and gigs, and videos, and lots of other stuff.


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